Sportsheets logo, tagline reads "Keeping Couples Connected"

Next stop on the Toyride adventure is Sportsheets in Huntington Beach, CA where Nikki & Daniel meet with the creator, Tom, and his wife, Kimberly. There’s history buried around each corner of this facility, and Nikki & Daniel don’t miss the opportunity to find all the naughty spots. There’s no getting out of these restraints as they put these toys to the test.

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Over the years, Sportsheets has continually sought to provide couples with innovate ways to live out their fantasies, expanding its offering into a wide array of award-winning restraint systems, sex toys, sexual position devices and more. The much-lauded Sex & Mischief line premiered in 2011, just before E.L James’ novel Fifty Shades of Grey took the world by storm. The book, its sequels and the movie adaptations opened up a new fantasy world for women of all ages to explore. The phenomena continues to influence Sportsheets, from its steamy Sex in the Shower products to the newly launched Midnight line of sophisticated accessories.