About the Hosts, Nikki & Daniel

Who are Nikki & Daniel?

Nikki & Daniel are a “newbies turned naturals” couple who first appeared on PlayboyTV’s show Swing as newbies. They had so much fun that they just kept coming back for more until the series finale. One of their greatest talents was being able to connect with newbies and fellow Swing housemates on a truly genuine level that made everyone feel comfortable with sensitive topics.

Photo of Nikki & Daniel in Doctors & Nurses theme attire from Swing newbie episode

Charming and relatable, they are the perfect fit for a show that intimately connects viewers with their favorite adult toys or maybe future fun purchases. Goofy and bubbly, Nikki bounces into any situation with an open-mind and heartwarming smile. Daniel’s natural desire to see how everything works is great for peeks behind the creator curtain into the world of adult sex toys.

Nikki & Daniel with Toyride license plate


Nikki knows how to express herself. From colorful vocabulary to wild and loud exclamations, you truly get a sense of how she’s feeling in every moment. Among friends, she is usually the magnet of attention. Her charm, confidence, and wit can’t help but pull people in. The combination of an open mind and natural curiosity serves her well when exploring the world of sex toys. She tends to know exactly what she likes, but when discovering something new she is gets intensely passionate about experimentation.


Daniel is the pendulum of interactions. He swings from reserved and minimally expressive in situations that are unfamiliar to adorably animated when having fun or experiencing something wild and crazy. Since Swing, Daniel has found his place in life with building a community of other like minded individuals and couples. He’s the recruiter of the couple and is always looking to bring more people into the party. It’s clear, whether it’s sex toys or other people, he wants to make sure there’s no lack of pleasure or fulfillment in this life.


You can find Nikki & Daniel by following this link to their website: www.dirtylovegames.com