Behind the Scenes

Here’s a look at what Nikki and Daniel experienced behind the scenes that didn’t quite make it to the show.


There was so much going on behind the scenes, it’s almost a shame the show wasn’t live.

12 comments on “Behind the Scenes”

  1. Richard Gilbert Reply

    Nikki big fan. love the new haicut & landing strip. Daniel abig hi to you! your ass is better than most of the girls(I am bi)both your guys attitude is great.

  2. HotAviator Reply

    Great work you two, so glad to see how far you guys are taking it as still my triad’s favourite couple from the Swing series! Fun to see the behind the scenes of how you guys are shooting it as a professional videographer and photographer myself, so please share more! 😉 Look us up on FetLife if you are ever in the Montreal or San Francisco Bay areas!

  3. Rob Reply

    New to seeing the show, I think its fun to watch, fun to find out about them , luved nikki and Daniel on swing – great episode

  4. ChuckLonger Reply

    We love your show and cant wait for more episodes. My wife fell in love with Heather from episode 3 and want to find more of her. We cant get enough of you two and hope that this a long running series.

  5. Jennifer Reply

    We just found the show about a month ago and cant get enough! Love this show! We now watch it every weekend….dont even mind watching an episode more then once! Keep the new episodes cuming 😉

  6. sam linder Reply

    How do I order some of your items
    Particularly the item that is inserted in the woman and vibrates and looks like it has wings
    it may be remotely controlled
    Is there a phone 3 to call with questions?
    Thanks Sam Linder

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