Luscious Playthings

Nikki & Daniel start their journey in a very unsuspecting neighborhood in Scottsdale, AZ to find Ryan, owner of Luscious Playthings, using a very hot torch to shape and craft rods of glass into amazing pleasure stimulators. After learning how much skill and talent it takes to make glass toys, Nikki & Daniel use their own skills, talents, and new glass toys with friends back at the house.


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Ryan Dunlap is the designer and creator of Luscious Playthings who’s been handcrafting glass sex toys with a blowtorch for fifteen years. Ryan stumbled into the making sex toys after spending years crafting pipes and various art pieces. He lovingly made a butt plug for his stripper girlfriend. She immediately shared his gift with friends and before he knew it he was busy making sex toys.

Mr. Dunlap takes great pride in his a highly intricate and scientific approach to creating glass toys with intense detail to safety and pleasure. He prefers to stay independent and small so he can continue have one on one communication with his customers so as to create highly artisanal toys that bend or bump to a person’s exact preferences. For available products or to contact Ryan for a custom piece, visit Luscious Playthings Etsy Shop