Episodes of Toyride on Playboy TV

Luscious Playthings Logo & Page LinkEpisode 1 – Luscious Playthings

Nikki & Daniel start their journey in a very unsuspecting neighborhood in Scottsdale, AZ to find Ryan, owner of Luscious Playthings. Ryan uses a very hot torch to shape and craft rods of glass into amazing pleasure stimulators. After learning how much skill and talent it takes to make glass toys, Nikki & Daniel use their own skills, talents, and new glass toys with friends back at the house. There could not be a better first episode to kick off this season.

Dame Products logo & Page LinkEpisode 2 – Dame Products

On Episode 2 of Toyride, Nikki & Daniel travel to Brooklyn to meet Alex and Janet, owners of Dame products and brilliant creators of Eva and Fin. After learning all about the sensual touch of Fin and the hands free ability of Eva came to be, they head back to the house and invite friends to test out the new toys.


Liberator Logo & Page LinkEpisode 3 – Liberator

Nikki & Daniel, and special guest Heather, travel to Atlanta to explore the manufacturer of the sex industry’s most recognized furniture, Liberator. Touring an operation this large is no easy task, but thankfully they have a nice, cozy spot to take a break before heading back to the house to try out the new furniture.


Sportsheets Logo & Page LinkEpisode 4 – Sportsheets

Next stop on the Toyride adventure is Sportsheets in Huntington Beach, CA where Nikki & Daniel meet with the creator, Tom, and his wife, Kimberly. There’s history buried around each corner of this facility, and Nikki & Daniel don’t miss the opportunity to find all the naughty spots. There’s no getting out of these restraints as they put these toys to the test.


LeLuv logo & page linkEpisode 5 – LeLuv

When 3D printing is available, the possibilities are endless as Nikki & Daniel travel to Phoenix for a deeper look into LeLuv. After helping to create a new, custom toy with Taylor at LeLuv, Nikki & Daniel want to put that toy to the test with the help of a very special guest.


Screaming O Logo & Page Link Episode 6 – Screaming O

Down an hidden street in Torrance, CA there is a fun little office preparing shipments of their Screaming O products to send out all over the world. Nikki & Daniel learn what’s new with cockrings and beyond from one of the most popular providers of cockrings in the industry. After an adventurous tour of the facility, they head back to the house to try out their new toys.


Impulse Novelties Logo & Page LinkEpisode 7 – Impulse Novelties

Do you think a short quiz could match you with your perfect sex toy? Nikki & Daniel find out at Impulse Novelties where they are shown the Closet Collection. This series of toys is designed to be in touch with the strongest traits of your personality, and hide discretely in designer boxes. After learning about the products, Nikki & Daniel spend some quality time with Nicole, catching up and reviewing the new toys.


Lumberjill Leisurecrafts Logo & Page LinkEpisode 8 – Lumberjill Leisurecrafts

Would you travel to the middle of the woods for your sex toys? Did you know wooden sex toys are considered works of art? Nikki & Daniel head way out into the sticks to find Deandre (aka Richard Carver), the owner of Lumberjill Leisurecrafts. They discover his unique method of making hand sculpted, wooden dildos. Nikki & Daniel make sure to ask all of the important questions when it come to the safety of fuck sticks.


Chakrubs Logo & Page LinkEpisode 9 – Chakrubs

Nikki & Daniel immerse themselves in a world of energy, chakras, and crystal healing when they meet Venessa Cuccia, owner of Chakrubs. Vanessa treats Nikki & Daniel to a special cleansing of their chakras. Afterward, Vanessa and special guests join Nikki & Daniel to learn all about Tantric Breathing from Barbara Carrellas. More heavy breathing is in store when they head back to the house to try out the Chakrubs.


Episode 10 – Pipedream

What would you do with 25,000 square feet of space? Pipedream products says you need more space… Three times more! Size isn’t everything. They really know how to use it to make and ship all of the different products they have here. Nikki & Daniel are both impressed and overwhelmed by the amount of pleasure that comes from this place.